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<em>Amazing Race Canada</em>: Who's Going To Win?


It's been years since I committed to a season of The Amazing Race, but when CTV announced The Amazing Race Canada, I knew it was something I would tune in to week after week. I mostly tuned in to see the Canada part of it but was quickly drawn in by the fantastic teams the casting department chose.

The Amazing Race is one of the few reality shows I could do (I don't dance, I only sing in the car, and I would rather sing and do the Running Man in front of a million people than be trapped in a house with a bunch of strangers). I am a bitch on wheels, I can more than sufficiently read a map and I'm fairly athletic. My biggest downfalls? I'm not a great flyer (so travelling from airport to airport, particularly on a plane that is run by a propeller, would make me more than a little barfy while all the anti-nausea meds would make me more than a little drowsy), but worse yet, I have a short fuse in combination with a fiery temper. Just ask my editor. [Ed. Note: It's true.] Basically, if I ever auditioned for the show and made it to air, the entire country would hate me.

With the exception of Kristen and Darren, the pairs who have been eliminated thus far haven't been too shocking. I thought the hippies would go far but I didn't count on them to not use their Express Pass (a move equivalent to moronic Survivor contestants who don't bust out an immunity idol and get their torch put out). I mean, really.

Of the five teams left, I have my favourites (Jet and Dave; Jody and Cory), the pair I have detested since Day 1 (the Tims), and my dark horse picks (Brett and Holly). As for sisters Vanessa and Celina, I have no clue how they're still in the Race but considering how hole-y their map looked in the preview for this week's episode (though its legibility isn't really a factor for the girls since they couldn't find their way out of a paper bag), I'm guessing it won't be long before they're the last to arrive at the pit stop. The only question is: will it be during a non-elimination leg? Probably. Sigh.

As for how I think the teams will finish leading up to the finale (based on a combination of who I like/dislike and who just seem strong), here are my thoughts:

Fifth Place: Vanessa and Celina

I think everyone and their grandmother is shocked they're still around but they've had luck on their side, what with dancing and cheerleading being two of their last challenges. But once there's a detour involving any "dangerous" kind of competition (bungee-jumping, rappelling) or having to eat something gross, the sisters are done. Which is fine by me because I can only handle one whiner on the show, and I may be in the minority but I'd rather listen to Holly moaning and groaning over Celina any day.

Fourth Place: Jody and Cory

I love these guys. They are determined, never give up and they get along well, but they haven't had the greatest luck. And if the Race throws more challenges at them that adversely affect Jody's prosthetics, sadly, their strength and determination might not be enough. I want these brothers to go far, way farther than the Tims. Hell, even winning the whole damn thing would be great. But until they show us a first-place finish, they might just continue to be in the middle of the pack until the middle becomes last.

Third Place: Tim Sr. and Tim Jr.

Of course the one time they arrive last to the mat, it was the first non-elimination leg. Ugh. It took some serious restraint not to put them in fifth but while I can't stand their gloating and cocky attitudes, they still know how to work as a team and run a decent Race. But they were dead to me (well, even deader to me) when they unnecessarily U-turned Hal and Joanne.

Second Place: Brett and Holly

They may be the least physical team (really, Holly runs like a geriatric in the advanced stages of osteoporosis) but they're smart and know each other's strengths -- and weaknesses -- well. Brett has been a champ throughout and gets the Husband of the Year award for not only putting up with Holly's incessant whining, but the fact that he never completely loses it on her when he has been totally justified. That kind of patience and understanding and support will get them far.

Winners: Jet and Dave

I typically don't love when a team of alpha males wins The Amazing Race but there's just something so charming and lovable about these two pals. They not only have the physicality but they're also smarter than their frat guy looks let on. They've been nothing short of hilarious and a blast to watch so it would be sweet if they crossed the last mat first. Don't disappoint me, boys!

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