03/25/2013 12:03 EDT | Updated 05/25/2013 05:12 EDT

Why Does CBS Hate <em>Rules of Engagement</em>?


I admit, I don't have the most sophisticated taste when it comes to television. I watched Splash, for goodness' sake, and, no, not because I had to -- because I wanted to. Judge all you want but I'm OK with The Walking Dead and The Good Wife sharing DVR space with a D-list celebrity diving show and a B-list celebrity dancing show.

So it shouldn't be too surprising that one of my favourite comedies is Rules of Engagement. That's right, the show that stars Puddy and Joe Dirt. Honestly, though, Rules never disappoints and it guarantees laugh-out-loud moments every time.

When I learned series stars Patrick Warburton, David Spade and Adhir Kalyan have already signed on to pilots -- contingent on whether Rules gets cancelled at the end of the season -- I was pissed. It seems like I get pissed every year when the networks reveal what shows will be picked up, and CBS never has Rules on its safe list.

Rules of Engagement was brought on as a midseason replacement back in February 2007, and while it received full-season pickups in its first two years, it's been treated like crap ever since. Almost every year, CBS orders a crappy comedy and puts all its efforts into promoting it. And then once said crappy comedy has bitten it with viewers, it calls on Rules to save the day when the net has a 30-minute hole in its schedule to fill. Partners. How to Be a Gentleman. Rob. $#*! My Dad Says. Accidentally on Purpose. Worst Week.

Remember how NBC treated its bastard child, Just Shoot Me? Well, same goes for CBS and Rules. Moving the shows around, burying it deep into its lineup, never knowing its future, never being able to plan, never allowing an audience to build, never expecting anyone to tune in -- then what do you know? People do watch and then all of a sudden it's seven seasons later. An. Noy. Ing.

This season will probably be the show's last, which would be fitting because it would come to an end on its 100th episode. It would just be nice if the network would give the cast and crew its due respect and let them know, just so they can plan a goodbye episode, something that wraps up its seven seasons.

Will we witness Brenda (guest star Sara Rue) have Jeff (Warburton) and Audrey's (Megyn Price) baby? Will Adam (Oliver Hudson) and Jen (Bianca Kajlich) ever get married? Will Timmy (Kalyan) ever find love? And has Russell (Spade) finally met his match with Liz (guest star Wendi McLendon-Covey)? It would be nice for the show's writers to be able to pen some actual closure for the series, but I guess it's pretty consistent with how CBS has left them hanging in the past, and they'll receive no warning. I'm sure the producers are used to the brutal treatment, though, and hopefully they just create their own farewell episode -- on their terms.

Rules, you'll be missed.

Rules of Engagement airs Mondays at 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS and Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Citytv.

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