10/17/2013 06:39 EDT | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Dexx Williams For Edmonton Ward 6

Hi, my name is Dexx, Dexx Williams, and before I talk about why I'm running to improve the City, allow me to share a bit of my background with you...

As you may know, I'm currently a police officer here in Central Edmonton, and have been for the past six years, but that experience is only part of what I bring to the table at City Hall. I'm also a small business growth consultant in which I've worked with businesses owners around the world to help increase their sales by 30 - 90% in as little as 30 days.

I'm a published author, former financial advisor, a graduate of NAIT in systems analysis, and the former President of the NAIT Students Association where I served two terms presiding over a 5 million dollar budget, and worked with fellow student leaders from across Canada to lobby the provincial and federal governments on behalf of students.

Most importantly I'm a lifelong Edmontonian, born and raised, with a daughter attending elementary at Victoria school of the Arts.

In my past six years as a police officer, recently as an Acting Sergeant in the Criminal Investigations Section, I've worked as a community liaison officer in Central Edmonton. Trained in conflict resolution and problem solving in high-stress situations, I've worked with community groups and stakeholders to address issues and implement solutions for concerns impacting their quality of life in various areas throughout the Ward.

I'm a DARE officer, providing anti-drug and anti-bullying education to students at Grandin elementary and the Edmonton Academy.

Working with our inner-city PACT teams to address mental health and addiction issues in the core. As well as being trained in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design concepts.

I'm running because I believe I can make Central Edmonton more desirable to live, work, and enjoy. I feel Central Edmonton is currently placed in a negative light as being unsafe, dirty, rundown, and frustrating to access.

Once elected I plan to focus on improving this perception. From reducing crime and disorder, and improving neighbourhood cleanliness, maintenance and accessibility, to supporting our local businesses and artists.

I feel that our City is not nearly as efficient or effective as it could be, in addressing the issues we face, and that I can help improve that.

We need to stop resorting to high property tax increases to solve the challenges we face as a City, and instead need to start being more innovative and resourceful.

I'm running for City Council because I believe City Council needs to be more accountable and transparent. Not only with the use of our tax dollars, but also ensuring that projects and proposals approved are reasonable, necessary, and represent the true needs of the community.

We shouldn't be focusing on building beaches, when we have homes that are constantly flooding.

I believe we need to stop focusing so much on building "world class" structures, and focus more on being the best we can be for the needs of Edmontonians.

I feel we should always be asking how we can do what we do, better.

Being proactive in solving problems before they happen, instead of reacting to problems after the fact which only costs taxpayers more.

In short, I will bring practical, common sense thinking to City Hall.

I'm not afraid to ask the hard questions, and I will not just take information presented at face value when it comes to issues that affect you.

I'm running for City Council to ensure you will have someone willing to sit down with an open mind and be willing to listen equally to all sides on an issue before making a decision based on the facts provided...

But most importantly I'm running for City Council because I believe we need someone who will protect your needs and interests and will fight for your concerns.

I have a vision to transform our area, but I need your help to make it happen. My name is Dexx Williams, a local police officer, business owner, and lifelong Edmontonian. I hope I can earn your vote this October 21st.