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4 Reasons Why Fall Is The Best Time To Travel

Fall, with its back-to-school madness and higher chance of hurricanes, is one of the best times to pack your bags -- if you can.

Travellers are constantly trying to escape the cold of winter and visit the beach in the hot summer months. However, the constant demand for such vacations means more expensive airfare to Mexico in February and outrageous accommodation rates at Myrtle Beach resorts in summer.

Fall, with its back-to-school madness and higher chance of hurricanes, is one of the best times to pack your bags -- if you can. The following are four reasons why.

The Weather Is Still Beautiful

Whether you're into snapping photos of the changing leaves or sun-tanning on the beach, fall can be one of the best times of year for ideal temperatures. Southern destinations that are sticky and sometimes unbearable in the summer months offer fall air and sea temperatures that hover between 20 and 30-degrees Celsius.

Hurricane season in the Caribbean and along America's East Coast stretches from June 1 through Nov. 30, with September and October being peak activity times. However, many travellers don't know that the southeastern region of the Caribbean sees the lease number of hurricanes, and the ABC islands are rarely affected at all. Fall can be one of the best times of year to snag unbelievably low prices in the Caribbean if you're willing to take the hurricane risk.

Discounts Are Coming Back

Fall discounts aren't just prevalent in the Caribbean -- deep discounts can be found throughout Canada, the U.S., Europe and in numerous other areas around the globe. It's much easier to find flight, accommodation, tour and even food and drink specials when most of the tourists have headed back to work and school. It's simple -- a lower demand for goods and services means lower prices for you.

The Crowds Are Gone

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You know that your destination will be less crowded in fall, but you probably won't fully understand the benefits until you arrive. Less-crowded often means you can forget about dinner reservations, you don't have to worry about a packed hotel pool, and you can take in the true serenity of a picture-perfect place. If you're more into taking full advantage of your destination than sharing it with fellow travellers, you'll love the peaceful (but not downright boring) atmosphere that fall adventures can bring.

There's Even a Name for the Season

Fall is referred to as a "shoulder season" in many parts of the world. Travel and Leisure Magazine referred to it as the "Mama Bear" of travel times. It's somewhere between the outrageous prices of the high season and the undesirable weather of the off-season. The shoulder season means it's time to take advantage of all of the above -- ideal weather, unbeatable deals and snapping photos without crowds of people you don't know in the way.

The shoulder season is often a favourite among locals, too. The stresses of the busy season have given way to more relaxing days, where they can focus on providing better service at a more relaxed pace. So don't be surprised if you're welcomed with open arms by those hoping to eke out a few extra tourist dollars before the off-season blues sets in.

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