01/06/2014 02:07 EST | Updated 03/07/2014 05:59 EST

How to Survive New Years After the Holidays

Ten Ways to Survive Your New Year Post Holiday

Many people equate the new year with a brand new time. The holidays can be a stressful, busy and exciting time, but leave the new year with a lull in our belly. How do we survive the new year after holidays? How do we take the excitement of the holidays into our daily routine?

1. Bring Joy Into the Moment

People believe that our lives are composed of the big moments -- getting married, having kids, getting the new home and landing the new job. Really, life is right now and composed of all of those little moments, like the baby's spit up on your dress or the cold coffee this morning. Learning to role with the punches and enjoy every moment, regardless of how you may be interpreting it right now can make a huge difference. When we do this, joy in the holidays is equated with joy at work or joy in the new year. I call it bringing joy, appreciation and a sense of well-being to every moment.

2. Shake Up Your Exercise Routine

If you've always done the same exercise routine, now is a time to change it up! Our bodies love change -- even if it is January 1 or April 15. Every day, you have a chance to start like it is a brand new day. If you are stagnant in your exercise routine, try something new -- maybe kickboxing, surfing or snowshoeing. You may be surprised how your body responds!

3. Take a Break from Television

Many people equate the new year as a brand new time. Each day can be a brand new day if we allow it to be. Try three days with a new routine of information. Take a break from your television for three days. See what life is like without sitcoms or television news. You may be surprised how much more time you actually have!

4. Volunteer

Volunteering is always an amazing way to start fresh. We don't need a calendar change to bring in a new feeling in your belly. Take an hour to go to the local SPCA and volunteer. Walking a dog or playing with animals can be life-giving. As humans, we are actually more inter-connected than we realize and we actually are fuelled by helping others and working together.

5. Shake Up Your Appearance

If you have always wanted to change your hair color or get a new wardrobe, now is the time! We often get into habits and ways of being that define us. What would happen if you cut your hair short or grew a beard? You may be surprised but those small changes actually affect you a lot. Even wearing different colors can have a profound effect on how other people see you and more importantly how you see yourself.

6. Meditate

If you've never tried meditation, this is a fantastic way to feel more alive and get energized. Meditation is actually easier. As long as you are in the moment with your full attention, you are mediating. You can meditate when you are having sex, eating, going for a walk or playing with your kids. Try an active, waking mindfulness meditation course and you will be surprised at how easy meditation is!

7. Give to Charity

Charity is something we all remember over the holidays, but what happens in the New Year? Giving to others is actually a human energy that gives back. By giving to others, we fuel our own tank. Take a few days, and give a small amount to a local charity every day and see how you feel. There are studies that show that when we give to others we actually boost our immune system, sleep better and have more energy. Giving to others may actually be a very self-serving activity that actually helps you in the long run.

8. Take an Art Class

Art is something many of us associate with childhood. Art wakes up your right brain which is your artistic, intuitive, feminine side. We have two sides to our brain -- our left and right. We are dominated in our culture by our left brain. For most of us, our training is in the scientific, mathematical and analytical which helps us to prosper in certain cultures. Many of us have forgotten about the right brain -- the artistic, intuitive, creative side. What would it be like to be more creative, feel more alive and really balance out the two sides of brain? You may be surprised at what doors open as a result for you.

9. Plan Your Next Get Away

Most of us Canadians endure and revel the long winters we have. Summer always seems to go too quick! Now is a great time to plan your next vacation. The simple joy and excitement of imagining yourself in Hawaii or Mexico will create a sense of ease and excitement that is readily available for you. The emotion of hope is studied to alleviate depression, relieve anxiety and promote a stronger immunity.

10. Random Act of Kindness

What would it be like for you to receive a free coffee from a stranger? Wouldn't it be amazing? Today, break up the monotony of your daily routine by performing a random act of kindness. Give away free hugs or cups of coffee or simply hold the door open for someone. Small acts like this not only provide energy of ease and well-being around the planet, but also help you to feel great in the moment and beyond.

The new year is an exciting time. We get a chance to break open a new calendar, plan some new resolutions and start fresh. I've always believed that every day can be a new day and a new start. Such simple acts can really help you to start fresh and invigorate life into the little things that make up life. Happy New Year!