08/04/2012 11:21 EDT | Updated 10/04/2012 05:12 EDT

Work Hard So You Can Play Hard


A popular poster reads "Life is a game -- play it." This definitely resonates in the workplace. Businesses that take this seriously and work to ensure the happiness of their employees will see real improvement in the overall health of the company.

This begins in the interview process, ensuring that those selected for the job are passionate and have deep aspirations. It makes sense to only expect the employee will perform the best at what he or she likes to do; providing them with the tools and techniques to do so is paramount to success. A large part of this system is recognition: When employees are provided with recognition and fast growth up the ladder, high levels of employee engagement and happiness are reached. This task should not only be relegated to top managers, but all employees. Recognition and appreciation of accomplishments and skills in the workplace does wonders to increase one's self-esteem and outlook, whether that recognition comes from a superior or a colleague that you work with on a day-to-day basis.

A great way to accomplish this goal is to set up an internal awards program for the company. iGATE's CEO Awards recognize those who translate dreams into actions through their exemplary performance in making the company stronger and more successful. Throughout the years, the number of contenders for the award has greatly increased, along with the rigour involved in the selection process. This process of recognition boosts employee morale markedly.

In addition to awards programs to validate the hard work of employees, it is also important to get employees involved in non-work related activities. Examples of some of these engagement initiatives include talent shows, sporting events, and a day set aside to celebrate employees' children. Allowing employees to come together to compete in games and shows gives a quick respite from the rigorous workdays. Likewise, having a day dedicated to employees' children reinforces the feeling that the company is a family.

Having a workplace that follows the "Life is a game -- play it" motto gives employees another reason to come into the office each day, fully motivated, engaged and satisfied. It is essential to implement these engagement activities to keep happiness high year-round, yielding an increase in the health of the company itself.