11/21/2016 17:12 EST | Updated 11/22/2016 14:53 EST

21 Unexpected Things Kids Are Thankful For That Will Make You Laugh

Apparently scissors are something to be very thankful for.

It’s always wonderful to hear what your kids are thankful for around the holidays ― especially if it’s something hilariously random, like a new dishwasher, ceiling fans, or a brother who isn’t a monster.

We asked the HuffPost Parents community to share the funniest things their kids have said they’re thankful for, and they did not disappoint. Here’s to many more epic answers around the Thanksgiving table this year.

1.Ceiling fans.” Erin Herman Ecker

2. Hot Wheels

Tyler Wimberly Castleman
“My 4-year-old twins ― my daughter gave the more traditional answer, my son... was honest.”

3. ”’Corn. Because you can see it in your poop.’ ― said by my 3-year-old son as his prayer at Thanksgiving dinner.” ― Patricia Galante Webber

4. “My 4-year-old daughter told me that she’s thankful that her brother isn’t a monster because if he was, he would eat her.” ― Allison Sexton

5. Gas

Lauren Almond

 6. “My daughter made a ‘thankful tree’ when she was in preschool, maybe 3 years old. Each leaf listed an item she was thankful for. The items were, ‘my brother & sister, my new scissors, my Belle movie & Belle dress, my cat Figaro, my bed & blanket, and steak.’ Mommy and Daddy did not make the cut!” ― Jennifer Brown Conwell

7. “’Shoes. Getting new shoes. People who make shoes.’ ― Aiden, age 3” ― Sarah Aguirre

8. “Mommy wiping my poop.”

Lacey Melanson
“My 4-year-old: ‘I’m grateful for mommy wiping my poop.’”

9.Toilet paper.” ― Mandy Heller

10. “’The Statue of Liberty.’ ― Molly, age 5 (we live in Iowa, mind you). When I asked her why, she shrugged her shoulders and said ‘Well, why not?!?’” ― Karen Grifka Miller

11. “Our New Dishwasher”

Lindsay Hall
“’Our new dishwasher.’ This was my 3-year-old.”

12.We have a thankful tree and my 5-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son put up a leaf on it daily. My son has so far been thankful for the trash truck driver, Paw Patrol, drummers, my parents’ dog, and the vacuum.” ― Natalie Reis

13. Cookies. Lots Of Cookies.

Missy Colner
“This came home from my 3.5-year-old twins on Friday. We all had a good laugh! My daughter takes after me with her cookie obsessions. 😂”

14. “My son was 5 and made a hand turkey. He wrote he was thankful for his dog. He doesn’t have a dog... lol but forgot his brother.” ― Nicole Hill

15. “I’m thankful for snowmen, daddy, and quesadillas.”

Megan Naylor Nealy
”[Mom] didn’t make the cut that year....”

16.We visited a farm and for three days all my daughter could say was how thankful she was to have seen a cow pooping 21 Unexpected Things Kids Are Thankful For That Will Make You😂 21 Unexpected Things Kids Are Thankful For That Will Make You😂” ― Leah Heffner

17.3-year-old son: Dinosaurs and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.” ― Lacey Bailey

18. “I am thankful for... my new scissors!

Jennifer Brown Conwell
“That’s my child’s in the middle. Everyone else is thankful for their family...but my child is thankful for her new scissors! 😂  She was 3 at the time, I think.”

19. “My oldest was thankful for mermaids for 4 years.” ― Becky Miller Albright

20. ”’I am thankful for everything... except tigers and lions and sharks, because they bite.’ From Nathan, age 4.” ― Kathryn Dowd Leigh

21. Sparkles

Samantha Ann Spear
“This came home in my daughter’s preschool folder. It was a project they did around Thanksgiving. Still have it 3 years later. Definitely came straight from my little girl’s mouth.”

Happy Thanksgiving!

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