09/20/2017 09:01 EDT

27 Adorably Strange Birthday Party Themes Kids Have Chosen

From a personal injury lawyer to poop.

Some kids have a knack for being hilariously original ― especially when it comes to birthday parties. 

We asked the HuffPost Parents Facebook community for pictures of their children’s unusual birthday themes, and they certainly delivered. From the cakes to the decorations, these parents made their kids’ bizarre dreams come true.

Keep scrolling for some strange and hilarious birthday party themes from HuffPost Parents readers and other creative families.

  • 1 Personal Injury Lawyer Morris Bart
    Courtesy of L'erin Dobra
    Louisiana toddler Grayson Dobra celebrated his 2nd birthday with a Morris Bart-themed party — a nod to the personal injury lawyer whose ubiquitous television commercials have made him a fixture in Louisiana.
  • 2 Costco
    Niki Walker
    When Kimber Walker celebrated her 5th birthday, she commemorated the occasion with a Costco-themed party at her home. 
  • 3 Poop
    Courtesy of Rebecca
    When a Missouri mom named Rebecca asked her daughter, Audrey, how she’d like to celebrate her third birthday, the toddler had only one theme in mind: “poop.”
  • 4 Geico
    Carter rang in his 4th birthday with a Geico-themed party, complete with Geico centerpieces, pinwheels, signs and other decor. And of course, “The Gecko” was well represented. 
  • 5 "Golden Girls"
    The Gold Hope Project
    Jessica Lewis’ daughter Elisa has always loved “The Golden Girls,” so it made for the perfect birthday party theme
  • 6 "Nacho LIbre"
    Katy Davis Azanza
    "My 2-year-old was obsessed with 'Nacho Libre.' She knew all the words. So of course she would have a 'Nacho Libre' party and wear a cape." -- Katy Davis Azanza
  • 7 Target
    George J. Patterson and Jordan Himes
    Kara Cook’s son Parker loves Target so much, he celebrated his 7th birthday there with special red decor, face paint and a themed cake. 
  • 8 Duct Tape
    Athena Bishop
    "We did a duct tape party for my son's 11th birthday. I made him duct tape shorts his one brother asked for a sock one asked for a hat I made a dress for his sister party favors were mini duct tape. If it's duct tape you better believe my son will talk about it." -- Athena Bishop
  • 9 The Black Eyed Peas
    Janeth Villasenor-Coria
    "My then-7-year-old, who is obsessed with the Black Eyed Peas, requested a Black Eyed Peas themed party." -- Janeth Villasenor-Coria
  • 10 "Mustache"
    A Reddit user shared a photo of the cake from his boss' son's birthday party. "It was a mustache-themed party and he is big into Star Wars. This was his cake."
  • 11 Ear
    Kelty Fisher
    "My 6-year-old recently asked for an ear-themed party." -- Kelty Fisher
  • 12 Elevator
    Amber Walls Fosler
    "My son is obsessed with elevators, so for his 2nd birthday we had an elevator themed party and made him an elevator out of a cardboard box." -- Amber Walls Fosler
  • 13 CVS
    Arkansas blogger Sarah Fortune's toddler daughter, Iris, chose the theme of CVS for her birthday party. 

  • 14 The Edmund Fitzgerald
    Erica Salomon
    "Our son wanted an Edmund Fitzgerald -- a freighter that sunk in Lake Superior in the '70s -- party for his 5th birthday. Actually he wanted a cake with both The Titanic and The Fitzgerald sinking. He loves them both. I told him we would go with the Fitz in happier times" -- Erica Salomon
  • 15 Garbage
    Leslie VanDerven
    "My son was obsessed with garbage and recycling so we had his birthday party at the county landfill and recycling center. The kids made garbage trucks out of recycled materials and played games with garbage themes." -- Leslie VanDerven
  • 16 Dentist
    Kristin Wasson Krzywicki
    "My 4-year-old is obsessed with dentists and wanted a dentist birthday party" -- Kristin Wasson Krzywicki
  • 17 Tornado
    Amy Franklin Allred
    "My son has had some odd interests, from vacuum cleaners to lawn equipment to weather. Around age 4, he was obsessed with weather particularly EF5 tornadoes. This was the year he asked for a tornado birthday party and a tornado Halloween costume." -- Amy Franklin Allred
  • 18 Kathie Lee Gifford
    Andrea Weakley/Facebook
    Andrea Weakley's daughter Kristina paid tribute to Katie Lee Gifford at her 7th birthday party.
  • 19 Purple Gorilla
    Jennifer R New
    "My son's 3rd birthday party was purple gorilla themed. His two favorite things were the color purple and gorillas, so naturally to him these should be combined. Made for quite a bit of Etsy searching and do-it-yourself work for mama." -- Jennifer R New
  • 20 George Washington
    Jennifer Dennis Bindus
    "My son wanted a George Washington-themed birthday party for his 6th birthday" -- Jennifer Dennis Bindus
  • 21 Dinosaurs and Mermaids
    Jennifer Marino
    "My daughter's party theme wasn't quite as crazy, but it's still challenging to have dinosaurs and mermaids party." -- Jennifer Marino
  • 22 Meerkats and Sunflowers
    Emilie Davidson
    "Meerkats and sunflowers for my daughters 3rd birthday party this week." -- Emilie Davidson
  • 23 Tim Burton
    Mizh Boyd
    "Tim Burton -- A combination of all his films. Well almost." -- Mizh Boyd
  • 24 Bugs
    Taylor Lyons
    "My kid wanted a cockroach party, but we settled for bugs." -- Taylor Lyons
  • 25 Emoji
    Dora Plancarte
    "My daughter just had an emoji themed bday with the poop emoji being her favorite one haha." -- Dora Plancarte
  • 26 Alexander Hamilton
    Amanda Burden
    "My 8-year-old wanted an Alexander Hamilton themed party. We had duals posters of the Constitution listened to the soundtrack from the play mock battles the other second graders were very confused." -- Amanda Burden
  • 27 Zombie
    Kim Pfeffer
    "Zombie-themed first birthday." -- Kim Pfeffer