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Meal Prep: Here Lies The Secret To Eating Healthy All Week Long

You want these recipes.

Every week we bring you Meal Prep to help you lay out healthy weekly meals. Do your shopping, spend a few hours cooking on the weekend, and enjoy the fruits of your labor all week long. A lot of thought goes into curating them, ensuring there’s a good balance of nutrition and delicious fun.

This is going to be a delicious week. And it’s all thanks to the fruits and vegetables that we loaded up into just five simple recipes. Most of us want to eat more fruits and vegetables, but we don’t because they take some preparation to make into a meal.

If you take the time on Sunday to make the recipes we’ve picked out, that problem will be solved. And you’ll be fueling up on delicious dishes that’ll leave you feeling great.

We have a spring veggie frittata for breakfast. There are herb marinated beans for lunch ― serve them on toast or atop a bed of greens. Chicken-and-lemon risotto makes for a filling spring dinner, and toasted green beans are the perfect complement. And then, there’s a poppy seed fruit salad for dessert with a crunch we never realized we wanted.

Get to it!

Spring Veggie Frittata
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Get the Spring Veggie Frittata recipe from How Sweet It Is
Lemon Chicken Risotto
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Marinated White Bean On Olive Oil Toasts
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Loaded Skillet Toasted Green Beans
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Poppy Seed Fruit Salad
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Get the Poppy Seed Fruit Salad recipe from How Sweet It Is