7 Stunning Beaches That Will Make You Want To Travel To the Caribbean

Pack your swimsuit.

Think all Caribbean beaches are the same? Think again. Home to some of the world’s most beautiful and diverse beaches in the world, the Caribbean islands are a feast for the senses. Every shoreline promises a new twist on relaxing in paradise—or cranking up the adventure with world-class water sports.

We’ve teamed up with global cruise line Royal Caribbean to highlight seven of the most stunning Caribbean beaches that prove there’s a lot more than swaying palm trees, gently lapping waves, and white sandy expanses to tempt nature lovers (although that also sounds pretty great). Kick your relaxation up a notch by exploring these one-of-a-kind beaches on your next Caribbean adventure.

1. Champagne Beach
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Nestled along the coastline in Roseau, Dominica, Champagne Beach has much more to offer than the pristine white sand beach that first meets the eye. Beach dwellers will be spellbound as soon as they dip their toes into the warm turquoise waters. The sea floor covers a series of volcanic vents, which release drops of liquid crystal into the water. The effect for swimmers? Like floating in a giant flute glass of Champagne!

Great for snorkeling right off the shoreline, Champagne Reef will also wow visitors with its vibrant coral and plentiful sea life. Less crowded than more well-known tourist spots, Champagne Beach also offers great nightlife at waterfront Melvina’s Champagne Bar and Restaurant. Order a glass of bubbly or stay for rum punch and steamed fish as you watch the sunset.
2. Bathsheba Beach
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Bathsheba Beach is a great destination for surfers and anyone who appreciates watching their athletic prowess as they churn through imposing waves. Home to the Soup Bowl—so called for its foamy surf—Bathsheba Beach is a world-class surf destination located on the eastern shores of Barbados. Not only home to epic wave sets, Bathsheba Beach is also one of the most photogenic beaches in the Caribbean. The dramatic coastline is dotted with giant rock formations that were once part of underwater reefs.

Travelers also will want to check out the Bathsheba Pools for a sheltered place to take a dip away from the crashing waves. These shallow sheltered pools are a favorite spot for Bajans to gather for a soak in nature’s very own whirlpool.
3. Punta Sur Beach
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The largest ecological reserve in Cozumel, Punta Sur Eco Beach Park has something for every kind of traveler. From world-class bird watching to bountiful snorkeling reefs located right offshore, you can find outdoor adventure in these 247 acres of protected land, or you can kick back and relax in a beachside hammock with a fruity cocktail from Papito’s beach club.

History buffs will want to check out the Mayan ruin and nearby Celarain Lighthouse at Punta Sur. The Mayan ruin is embedded with conch shells that whistle when the wind blows, while the lighthouse offers a stunning panoramic view of Cozumel—if you’re willing to climb the 127 steps to see it!
4. Woodlands Beach
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A short ferry ride will take travelers from the vibrant Antiguan city of St. John’s to its neighboring island, Montserrat, where the typical image of white Caribbean sand evaporates as soon as you step onto the docks. Experience a lesson in chemistry on Woodlands Beach, where the dark basalt sand is the result of past eruptions from the island’s volcano. With a backdrop of cliffs surrounding the black sand beach, travelers can cool off with a picnic and have a chance to spot migrating whales.
5. Cayman Island Blowholes
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Grand Cayman may be best known for Seven Mile Beach, a coral-sand beach that stretches as far as the eye can see along the western shore of the island. And while travelers can’t go wrong with the snorkeling, sunbathing, and resort amenities located nearby, adventure seekers who want something a little more exciting will want to check out the blowholes on the east end of Grand Cayman. When the trade winds blow, crashing waves are pushed into caverns that send geysers shooting up to 20 feet in the air. These powerful forces of nature are an impressive sight, but onlookers should keep a safe distance and wear sturdy shoes, as the rugged rocks that form the viewing area can be sharp. The blowholes are a perfect spot for taking a memorable photo on Grand Cayman, but swimming should be saved for the much calmer waters of Seven Mile Beach!
6. Paradise Beach
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Paradise Beach, just minutes from downtown Nassau in the Bahamas, features some of the clearest waters for diving in the entire Caribbean. With visibility of up to 100 feet, scuba divers rejoice in exploring the waters of this world-renowned island. Here you can dive amongst the remains of several shipwrecks and the Lost Blue Hole, a natural cavern that extends 200 feet deep and is filled with impressive marine life, including nurse sharks, angelfish and manta rays. Divers call the Lost Blue Hole one of the most unique and memorable dive sites in the world.
7. Magens Bay Beach
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Paris is for lovers, but so too is Magens Bay Beach with its unique heart-shaped coastline. A hotspot for destination weddings, beach bliss can be found here whether you’re with that special someone, friends or family. Beyond the inviting strip of white sand and warm azure water, travelers can also enjoy the nearby nature trail, coconut grove, or the six-acre arboretum, home to trees from four different continents. This Caribbean stunner will cement your lifelong love of St. Thomas.

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