08/11/2017 12:33 EDT | Updated 08/11/2017 12:33 EDT

How to Determine Her Ring Size

So you’ve decided it is the right time to break the ice and propose to your girlfriend as things are going really nice between both of you and the understanding between each other is also really good. The moment you decide to propose, there may be a lot of things go through your mind about the best time to propose, the best place to propose, the things you need to say to impress her and many more things. The big day also requires a ring, but you are confused about how to find her ring size. Also, the ring size need to be perfect for her finger and in that moment of happiness and tears your girlfriend will ask you to put the ring in her hand, and you don’t need to create an embarrassment with the ring being too small or large for her fingers. Simply asking her ring size or just pretending to visit a jewelry store with her to know her ring size may spoil the entire surprise element during your proposal.

So how do your determine her ring size?

Yes, many men have undergone this confusion, but have successfully pulled it off with ease and it’s not that tough as you think and read through the article till the last to choose the perfect ring for your girlfriend and surprise her during the proposal. A proposal ring is one of the treasured possessions of every women and giving a ring to her liking and taste would increase the enthusiasm in her. A salesman at a popular jewelry store says that he sees many couples come together to select their proposal ring and it means you are denying her the biggest moment of surprise in her lifetime.

Get Help from Her Family and Friends

One simple way to find out her ring size by asking her close friends. There are many possibilities that either they may know her exact ring size as they could’ve accompanied to a jewelry store with her sometimes or could’ve discussed about that sometime. Basically women like to discuss about the dress they are wearing, the jewelry they are wearing or the perfume they are using and many other things. If you still can’t find out from her friends, you can certainly get help from her family members, may be her sister or her mother. They may love to help you in this regard as they also want to be part of the surprise. They may either sneak any ring of your girlfriend or they may already know her size. Make sure of her choices, maybe she secretly likes bikerrings!

Sneak a Ring

If nothing helps try to sneak a ring somehow from her jewelry box. But make sure you get the ring that she wears in her ring finger. Normally women love to wear rings in more than one finger and the size of the ring will be different with the thumb finger and a ring finger. Try to see which ring she wears in the day in her ring finger and try to sneak that particular ring and use that for your measurement. But if there is problem in taking the ring out for measurement, try to trace the size of the ring in a paper. Give that to the jeweller to figure out the diameter from the sketch.

Still can’t figure out?

Having tried every other option and still can’t figure out her exact size, there’s no reason to worry. You can either seek the help of a jeweller to mention her height and weight and he may use the ring conversion chart like this one to figure the ring size. A normal ring size of women is generally around 6 – 6.5. It is always better to buy a ring that s slightly larger and goes through her finger than a ring that is too small that doesn’t fit. You can anyway make it smaller afterwards, if it is bigger. But if it is small, you can’t do a thing. Some jewellers do offer a temporary setting similar to the design and style you’ve selected and once the proposal is over, you can get your original ring according to the perfect size of her finger.