09/05/2017 13:46 EDT | Updated 09/05/2017 14:11 EDT

A Down-And-Out 'Joel Osteen' Asks New Yorkers For Charity After Harvey In Spoof

The televangelist springs to action to help himself.

Pastor Joel Osteen and his Houston megachurch were criticized for dragging their feet when it came to helping victims of Harvey.

But in this spoof, starring Brendan Fitzgibbons as Osteen, the televangelist adopts a go-get-’em attitude when he asks for donations on the street in New York City. After all, it’s for a cause deemed most important by Osteen ― himself.

“I too was affected by the hurricane,” he tells passersby. “I lost my throwaway helicopter.”

People can be so cold, Joel, can’t they?