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Alanis Morissette Gives Birth To Her 3rd Child, Winter Mercy

Winter looks so sweet in his first photo.

She’s got one hand in her pocket, and the other hand is cradling the sweetest newborn we ever did see.

Canadian singer Alanis Morissette has given birth to her third child, a boy named Winter Mercy Morissette-Treadway. Morissette made the announcement Monday on Instagram with a simple proclamation, “he’s here,” and a precious photo of her new baby.

Winter was born Aug. 8, she added.

Will you look at that little face!

The singer, 45, is perhaps best known for her iconic 1995 album, “Jagged Little Pill,” which included the angsty hits “You Oughta Know,” “Ironic,” “One Hand In My Pocket” and ... let’s not kid ourselves, every song on that album was an epic anthem.

The Ottawa-raised singer has won seven Grammys and was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 2015.

In March, Morissette announced on Instagram she was pregnant with her third child.

“So much NEWness,” Morissette wrote in the post that showed her rounded abdomen.

She has two other children: eight-year-old son Ever Imre, and daughter Onyx Solace, who’s three. She’s married to rapper Souleye.

In the same way that she holds nothing back in her honest song lyrics, Morissette has been frank and open about all aspects of pregnancy, childbirth, the postpartum period, and motherhood (thank you, Alanis, thank you.)

In a vulnerable June interview in Self, Morissette revealed she wasn’t sure she’d be able to have three children.

“Between Ever and Onyx there were some false starts,” she said. “I always wanted to have three kids, and then I’ve had some challenges and some miscarriages so I just didn’t think it was possible.”

In discussing the intensity of childbirth (she gave birth to her first two children at home), Morissette also casually mentioned what we all know but don’t really say: how much you shit yourself during labour.

“It was both completely weird and yet utterly normal to be discussing profusely and carelessly defecating all over a birthing bed with Alanis Morissette,” author Nicole Cliffe wrote.

In a 2017 interview, Morissette opened up about her crippling experiences with Postpartum Depression (PPD) after the birth of both of her children.

“There are days I’m debilitated to the point where I can barely move,” Morissette told People magazine.

Her husband Souleye posted the same photo of Winter on Instagram, and a touching message for his wife. “You will forever be my heroine. thank you for your warrior strength and ability to so deeply love,” he wrote.

In a hashtag, he revealed that this was another home birth.

Not that a new baby isn’t exciting enough, but Alanis fans have even more to look forward to this year.

In her pregnancy announcement, Morissette also teased that she might recording a new album. The stage version of “Jagged Little Pill,” is set to open on Broadway this fall.

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