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Graveyard Slamming COVID-19 Response Appears Outside Alberta Health Minister’s Office

A spooky critique of Jason Kenney’s government appeared Monday.

It was a spooky scene Monday morning outside Alberta Health Minister Tyler Shandro’s Calgary office, as a makeshift graveyard criticizing the province’s COVID-19 response appeared overnight.

Rows of cardboard graveyard markers lined the grass outside Shandro’s office early morning, each drawing attention to various figures in Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party government and the province’s skyrocketing death toll from the virus.

“Here lies Shandro’s credibility — died denying Alberta’s COVID numbers,” read one tombstone.

Over the weekend, Alberta passed Ontario to have the most active COVID-19 cases out of any province in Canada, recording over 13,000 active cases. Kenney has been hesitant to institute strict measures, and Alberta remains the only province without a province-wide mask mandate.

Tombstones specifically drew attention to the province’s mortality numbers, Kenney’s recent absence from press conferences and outbreaks at long-term care homes like Intercare Brentwood.

Shandro acknowledged the display when speaking at the legislature Monday, calling it an “offensive stunt.”

“I guess it’s trying to say I don’t care about the people who’ve died and I think that’s beneath contempt, to say such a thing,” Shandro said.

“We can disagree about how to respond to the pandemic without saying that anyone we disagree with is indifferent to human life.”

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