06/22/2017 12:25 EDT | Updated 06/22/2017 12:25 EDT

Ashley Graham Directs Women In Lingerie Photoshoot, Breaks Down Into Tears

The video is so empowering.

Ashley Graham, the queen of body positivity, is back!

The model and body activist recently teamed up with Glamour to direct four women in their first lingerie photoshoot.

The eight-minute video, which was posted on June 20, shows Graham coaching the women through the shoot, and encouraging them to de-robe and put themselves out there despite their inhibitions.

Throughout the videos, the women shared their insecurities and Graham helped loosen them up through dancing, screaming, and just some plain old good advice.

"I'm going to pull my bottoms up really high so my most insecure part is hanging out, and you're going to take your robe off," she told Alyssa, one of the women, who told Graham she was recovering from anorexia.

"If I touch the part that's insecure, I look insecure," she also told Karolena, who shared she felt uncomfortable with her belly and her arms. "The parts that I love, I remind myself," Graham added, while running an arm down her chest.

The video is equal parts emotional and uplifting. Graham is a relentless bundle of positivity, and takes time to remind each of the women that they're beautiful.

"I already feel comfortable with you here!" says Kaitlyn, who told Graham she was insecure about scarred patches on her skin.

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As the women begin to review their photos, they share how the experience made them feel.

"It's not every day I see a girl like me in this kind of lingerie ad," Anastasia, another one of the girls, said.

"I feel like this is like my body and like I should embrace it more," Kaitlyn added.

"I think of all the young girls out there that are so insecure with their bodies. They see you and they say, 'If she can do it, I can do it,' so thank you," Graham told Alyssa.

I think of all the young girls out there that are so insecure with their bodies. They see you and they say, 'If she can do it, I can do it' so thank you.Ashley Graham

The day proved to be too much, even for the supermodel, and she eventually began crying.

Ashley Graham tears up while directing a lingerie photoshoot.

"People just think that body image and the body revolution is a trend and a fad," Graham said, visibly working to contain herself. "If we keep having this conversation, if we keep talking about the things society has said are ugly, the things we don't see in media, that is what is going to change. That is how we make a statement, that is how we rule out all the things that are here right now and make a new normal."

Graham continues to be the biggest inspiration and role model to just live life and be yourself.

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