Ashley Graham Makes A Heart-Shaped Tribute To Her Postpartum Stretch Marks

It's five seconds of pure self-love.

We can’t think of a better salve against the daily deluge of mom body-shaming than Ashley Graham.

The 32-year-old model is the patron saint of self-love and has long been the fierce defender of body parts of all kinds: from thick thighs to big curves to cellulite.

The plus-size influencer’s most recent post is putting the spotlight on her postpartum skin. In a five-second clip posted last Friday, the industry game-changer zoomed in on her stretch marks and showed just how much she adores them by forming a heart around them with her hands.

Since becoming pregnant and giving birth to her son Isaac in January, Graham has made postpartum body positivity a focus on her social media accounts. She’s flaunted her stretch marks online with pride, calling them “new stories” in an Instagram post.

And she’s made them the centerpiece in a backyard photoshoot in August, when they were peeking out from her bikini.

For new moms who feel unhappy with their bodies, it’s certainly a pick-me-up to see that one of the world’s most accomplished models not only has stretch marks, but is happy to show them off to the world.

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