Asian Stock Photos Are Often Stereotypical, So We Shot Our Own

In stock shots, East Asian–Americans are often peripheral characters or stereotypes like doctors and students.

Stock photography of East Asian–Americans often depicts us as peripheral characters or stereotypically as doctors or students. In 2018, that’s perplexing.

At a time when Asian-Americans are demanding proper representation beyond the model minority myth, imagery plays an important role in busting the idea that we’re a monolith. Asians account for 5.1 percent of the U.S. population, but only about 3 percent of Hollywood film roles go to Asian actors, so photography is important in addressing a lack of representation.

We wanted to ensure our diverse visual stories are told, so we shot our own stock photos of Asian-Americans of all types ― people of different gender identities, ages and body types with varying styles, hair colors and professions.

Check them out below and start seeing more Asians sitewide on HuffPost.

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