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Easy Tips For Motivating Yourself To Work Out At Home

For those of us whose fitness motivation is zip, zilch, zero!

We already have a hard time mustering the motivation to work out in the cosy winter months. Add the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and that’s kryptonite for even the most diehard fitness lovers.

But don’t worry: If your desire to get active has been sapped, there are ways to trick yourself into following through with a home workout. Watch the video above to find out what some TikTok users recommend.

First off, you’ll need to dress for success. Putting on gym clothes can trick your pandemic brain into working out, which may be due to the mental boost your favourite stretchy pants or muscle top may provide.

“Confidence is half the battle, and having work out gear that highlights your hard work really helps motivate you to get your sweat on,” Barbell Apparel Alex Hanson told Healthline, following a study he conducted in which 90 per cent of respondents said donning activewear made them want to get in shape.

Feed your happy hormones

Another trick to get those endorphins going? Actually doing fitness routines you enjoy, CoverVideo states above. Sounds like a no-brainer, but there’s a science behind this life hack. Dopamine, Health Magazine reports, is the hormone in charge of your brain’s reward system.

It’s naturally released when you work out, but you may find it helpful to double its effects by doing low-impact physical activities you actually look forward to and that give you a source of instant gratification. During this stressful time, many people have turned to fitness-inspired video games like Nintendo’s RingFit for pandemic workouts.

And for Canadians feeling frisky, bedroom activities are also a great way to do light exercise and get your thrills too.

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Others may find that routines that target specific areas of interest, such as shoulder and back stretches that target WFH soreness, can fire up their dopamine.

Look to someone for swolesome inspiration

“What would Meg do (WWMD)” is a question fans of musician Megan Thee Stallion can now ask themselves, when faced with fitness-related procrastination. The “Body” singer dealt with a bout of workout blahs by ponying up, so to speak.

Some people find it necessary to work out with another person to keep them accountable, whether that be with someone in your bubble or folks in a Zoom yoga class. Posting your home-gym goals in online fitness groups or group chats and receiving positive feedback there can also go a long way towards making physical activity a pandemic-proof habit.

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