The Peloton Wife Finds Comfort In Gin In Ryan Reynolds' Mocking New Ad

The actor took a viral ad facing "malicious feedback" and turned it into something funny.

“Deadpool” actor and Canadian treasure Ryan Reynolds is taking advantage of a viral stir caused by exercise company Peloton’s holiday advertisement to promote his own company, Aviation American Gin.

Peloton’s viral video depicts a wife, known only as “Grace from Boston,” documenting her year-long fitness journey after receiving a workout bike from her husband. She shows him the video diary and thanks him for giving her something that’s changed her life.

Many viewers thought the already-slim Grace’s life seemed like a dystopian nightmare, and that her husband seemed manipulative and controlling. Vancouver actor and teacher Sean Hunter — who played Grace’s husband — even said that he was worried the “malicious feedback” to the ad would affect him in real life.

Now Grace, played by actress Monica Ruiz, stars in a spiritual sequel to the Peloton story — for Aviation Gin.

Reynolds tweeted the spoofed ad on Friday, teasing, “Exercise bike not included.”

It’s the details that count.

In the new video, Ruiz — not sporting a wedding ring — sips on a drink with a blank look on her face, surrounded by two concerned friends.

“This gin is really smooth,” she says.

“You’re safe here,” one friend tells her, and the three women toast to “new beginnings.” As the video cuts to a closeup of the gin, one of the women tells Ruiz’s character “you look great by the way.”

Ruiz told CBC News she was “grateful” to both companies for the chance to work with them, and that she’d been lying low because she wasn’t comfortable with the spotlight or social media attention.

“When Ryan and his production team called about Aviation Gin, they helped me find some humour in the situation,” Ruiz told the broadcaster.

Only time will tell if Grace from Boston’s story will continue.

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