Baby Elf On The Shelf Exists, Because Even Santa's Scout Gets Lonely

It's a Christmas miracle!

Hark! The herald angels sing. Glory to the newborn king: baby Elf on the Shelf!

We are witnessing our very own Christmas miracle, because Elf on the Shelf can procreate! It turns out that Santa’s little scout, who parents either love to love or love to hate, had wee elf babies and they’re available to purchase from several online retailers.


Elf on the Shelf babies for sale by Etsy seller BabyElfLove.
Elf on the Shelf babies for sale by Etsy seller BabyElfLove.

For instance, U.S. Etsy Seller Nicole Blose (a.k.a. BabyElfLove) sells baby elves starting at $37.37 that include a fuzzy blanket, an “It’s a Girl/Boy” sign, a birth certificate, a letter from the elf nursery (omg), and a bottle.

Get one for yourself at BabyElfLove.

“I made one for my daughter and she was, like, obsessed,” Blose told Today Parents. “Then her friends wanted one and it turned into me making them for friends and friends’ parents.”

She’s already sold 500 this Christmas season.

Australian shop My Magical Moments also sells elf babies, but they’re so popular they’re already sold out for the season (don’t worry, you can still purchase baby elf accessories such as a cot, high chair, clothes, and a full accessory kit).

If you’ve wondered where the elf babies came from, My Magical Moments also provides an explanation:

“When a mummy and a daddy elf love each other very much, they write to My Magical Moments and we send a cute bundle of joy out,” the site explains.


Baby elves are also available on Amazon.
Baby elves are also available on Amazon.

Because it’s 2019, you can also order baby elves on Amazon for $11.26 (but don’t expect to see them before Christmas ... you may have to store them for next year).

If you prefer a more homemade look for your elfin offspring, several other Etsy sites sell the babies, including elf stork, BellaBlue002, and Rat Cat Creations.

Cute! But if the baby elves just cry all night, we’re out.

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