Most Popular Baby Names For 2020 For Girls And Boys (Plus Gender-Neutral Options)

The top names come from everywhere: some are old, some are new, and some are straight from pop culture.
Look at little babies Mika and Lucius! Or maybe Reese and Cash? Phoenix and Zephyr?
Look at little babies Mika and Lucius! Or maybe Reese and Cash? Phoenix and Zephyr?

Predicting the next big baby name is hard to do. Who would have thought, in a pre-2005 world, that “Jayden” would be so popular? Who knew “Neveah” would go so far?

Baby name website Nameberry has attempted the difficult task of finding out what may be the most popular baby names of 2020.

The site explains that it makes these lists by looking at the names that saw the biggest increases this year versus last year. In other words, these aren’t necessarily the names that were most searched this year, but the names that were searched more this year than they were last year.

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They’re a mix of old names, new names, and names that were popular in our pop culture this year, the website also explains. Some — like Mika — are not that different from names that are currently in the top spots, while others — like Acacius — feel like a departure. But either way: pretty cute, right?

Here are the site’s predictions for the most popular baby names of 2020:

Girls’ names

1. Adah

2. Reese

3. Mika

4. Paisley

5. Amina

6. Teagan

7. Nova

8. Aura

9. Pearl

10. Billie

Boys’ names

1. Austin

2. Alva

3. Acacius

4. Tate

5. Diego

6. Easton

7. Lucius

8. Cash

9. Ash

10. Luca

Gender-neutral names

1. Ellis

2. Phoenix

3. Remi or Remy

4. Marlowe

5. Shea

6. Zephyr

7. Darcy

8. Rowan

9. Quinn

10. Emerson

It’s worth noting that Canada’s current most-popular baby names are a touch more traditional: Ava, Mia and Ivy are the most common names for girls, and Liam, Jackson and Noah for boys.

But who knows — maybe next year we’ll have a ton of kiddos named Lucius, Zephyr, and Nova babbling happily in their cribs.

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