Top December Baby Names Inspired By Famous End-Of-Year Babies

Finn, Dash, Kit: we love them all!

Anyone born in December knows competing with Christmas is rough. That’s why December babies deserve unique baby names as strong and cool as they are.

And no, we’re not talking about festive baby names such as Holly and Nicholas. Like your December baby needs a reminder that they were born in the holiday season!

This year, baby-naming site Nameberry went a totally different route and suggests December baby names based on popular influencers such as Kit Harington (of “Game of Thrones”) and Finn Wolfhard (of “Stranger Things”), who all happen to be December babies themselves.

We love these unique, trendy names and think you will, too!

Check out the gallery below for some December baby name inspiration.

Note: If you’re on a mobile device, click on the images see more info about the baby names and their origins.

Influencer Names For December Babies

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