Baby Toronto Raptors Fans Have Some Adorable Merch Options

Even the infants can proudly declare themselves fans of the North.

Some Canadians have been Raptors fans for years. Still others are born into the craze.

And, there’s merch for that.

Woodbridge, Ont.’s Artemis Boutique, which regularly sells Swarovski-encrusted pacifiers, revealed a custom Raptors-themed pacifier Monday. This pacifier is not yet listed on their online store, but their other varieties retail for $75 each.

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto posted a photo of a baby fan in a onesie reading “Wee The North” with a small dinosaur hatching from its shell. Cue the comments filled with heart emojis.

That specific jersey might be tricky to find (although HuffPost Canada has reached out to find out more), other Raptors-themed onesies and child-sized clothing are popping up online.

These include everything from “I Don’t Cry, I Kawhi” onesies to classic tiny jerseys. The Toronto Raptors also have a full line of baby clothes that have just been updated to include championship apparel.

And that’s all good news for some of the Raptors’ teeniest fans. There are quite a few, but maybe the most well-known is Harper Yeats, a baby with more than 22,000 followers on Instagram.

Harper was born during Game 4 of the first round of the 2018 playoffs. The game was playing in the hospital room where little Harper was born, her parents wrote on her popular Instagram account. She attended her first game, Game 2 of the second round, when she was just 11 days old.

Harper now lives in Australia with her family, but made sure to pack a few Raptors jerseys to support her team from down under.

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