Canadian Photographer Steve Biro's Bald Eagle Photo Is Perfection

The symmetrical image is a soaring example of beauty, chance and timing in nature.

Steve Biro just captured what makes the great outdoors great.

The amateur photographer, who’s based in Windsor, Ont. took an awesome photo recently of a bald eagle flying over a pond at the Canadian Raptor Conservancy in Vittoria, Ont.

The symmetry between the reflection and the majestic bird defiantly gazing into the camera put the pic over the top. And it almost didn’t happen.

“I was feeling blah about a three-hour drive each way but decided to suck it up and go anyway,” Biro told For The Win. “Then I ended up getting one of the best shots of my life.”

Check it out:

Biro told photography site PetaPixel the eagle didn’t seem thrilled about his presence. “He was flying close enough to my head for me to feel the breeze from his wings, but I was determined to keep shooting,” Biro said.

Here’s slow-motion video of the bird gliding over the water.