06/22/2017 15:17 EDT | Updated 06/22/2017 15:21 EDT

Bald Eagle Swoops Down To Snatch Salmon From B.C. Boat

Well, that was an easy dinner.

A hungry eagle stunned boaters in B.C. last week when it swooped down to snatch a slab of salmon off the boat's motor.

Ashton Phillips, who co-owns Crab Park Chowdery in Vancouver, told CTV Vancouver Island that he was on a fishing trip in Kyuquot, on the island's northwest coast, when the eagle made its move Friday.

He spotted it near the shoreline and planned to take a photo, but then it came towards their vessel.

Storyful Studio/Screenshot

"I didn't even realize it was coming for the big chunk of salmon until obviously it snagged it and flew off," he told CTV, calling the experience "surreal."

The salmon was intended to be bait, he wrote on YouTube.

He posted the video to Facebook, where it has more than 30,000 shares.

You too can be wowed by this magical event in the footage above.

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