What To Do When A Bear Gets Behind The Wheel Of Your SUV

Don't give him the keys.

A California family got a rude introduction to the bold wildlife near Lake Tahoe earlier this week when a wandering bear managed to open the door of their parked SUV — and climbed in. Fortunately the family was not in the car, but instead watching the scene through a window at a Kings Beach home.

What to do? In a scene captured on video and posted by NBC News, a family member is spotted very gingerly — from as far away as possible — opening a door so the bear can get out. The door slammed shut the first go-round, but it stayed open the second time.

That’s when the bear scrambled out — and then leisurely wandered away.

“Poor little guy!” a woman’s voice can be heard on the Facebook version of the video below. “Hopefully he didn’t tear up your car.”

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