How A Yellowknife Resident Keeps The Winter Blues At Bay: Navigating

The winter brings long nights and darker moods.

If you live in the Northwest Territories, where the winters are especially long and dark, there’s a chance you’re susceptible to the winter blues: in Yellowknife, the shortest day of the year promises less than five hours of sunlight.

“Darkness in the winter can be really exciting,” Sarah Gillis, a Yellowknife resident, told HuffPost Canada. “But it can also make you feel not great, can make you feel really isolated.”

To keep the creeping feelings of isolation and depression at bay, Dr. Mariyam Ahmed, a Toronto psychologist, suggests people try to get out more and engage with others — even in spite of the dark.

Watch the video above to see how Sarah learned to stave off the winter blues, even in the darkest nights.

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