05/16/2018 17:36 EDT | Updated 05/16/2018 18:31 EDT

These 23 Images Take Engagement Photography To The Next Level

They're exquisite.

Think all engagement photos are painfully awkward and cheesy beyond belief? Think again.

Seth and Kaiti Photography

On Tuesday, Junebug Weddings announced the winners of their 2018 “Best of the Best Engagement Photography” contest, and the images are a cut above the rest. A panel of judges, along with the Junebug team, sifted through nearly 6,000 images from all around the world, but only 50 photos made it into the final collection.

See 23 of our favorite pictures below. You can view the collection in its entirety on the Junebug Weddings website.

  • Ale Bigliazzi Photography
  • Hafenliebe Wedding Photography
  • Tinted Photography
  • Mathias Fast Photography
  • Motiejus
  • Will Khoury Photography
  • Lukas Korynta Photography
  • Tom Armstrong
  • Ken Pak Photography
  • Terralogical
  • Seth and Kaiti Photography
  • Brandi Potter
  • Lukas Piatek
  • Erin Northcutt
  • Renata Xavier Photography
  • Bows and Lavender
  • Wandering Woo Photography
  • The Ferros
  • Autumn Nicole Photography
  • Juddric Photography
  • Naman Verma Photography
  • Daniel Lopez Perez
  • Sara Rogers Photography
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