Best Friend Christmas Gifts That Will Guarantee You Stay Friends

For at least the next 10 years, anyway.

Friends are probably some of the easiest to buy gifts for. And best friends? Come on, give us a real challenge. What is it about our BFFs that makes them so easy to shop for? Simple: because we know them well, almost too well.

We know they love going to Comic Con every year; that they’re super into Agatha Christie novels (Hercule Poirot, specifically); that they love to travel by train, that they think “Battlestar Galactica” is the best TV series ever to air.

We know all this because we love them and can’t live without them. So, to help you celebrate your closest pals, we’ve put together a guide for best friend Christmas gifts that will guarantee you stay friends for at least 10 years.

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Gifts For Your Best Friend

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