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Best Kids' Winter Boots For Stomping All Over The Last of 2020

Warm. Durable. Cute. Stompy.

As time marches briskly towards the end of the wackiest year in living memory, it’s time to start thinking about slush, snow and, of course, winter boots.

The upcoming winter forecast for Canada has a lot of white in it,” predicted Jack Burnett, managing editor of the Old Farmer’s Almanac, in an interview with Yahoo Canada. Blizzards, hail ... locust storms ― at this point, just bring it! If spring, summer and fall 2020 have prepared us for anything, it’s adversity.

And with the right footwear, biblical winter weather events don’t have to be an impediment to our kids getting outside and staying active.

Many of us will be on a budget this year. The environmental benefits of reusing consumer goods are well worth it too. Online buy-and-sell sites, apps and services like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, eBay, Poshmark, OfferUp, ThriftyCanuck and Kijiji are all great places to look for gently used or even new-condition winter boots at lower prices (and in some cases, free or as a trade).

Thrift stores often have kids’ boots in excellent condition, given that children grow so fast. And in most Canadian communities, there are winter coat and boot drives, where families in need can get kitted out for the colder months. Check out community and neighbourhood group postings online to find out about drives near you.

If you’re investing in new winter boots this year, there are lots of stylish kids’ options to choose from. Things to assess when boot shopping are the soles (the thicker the better), insulation, waterproofing, the grip of the tread, and how quick and easy it is for kids to get their boots on and off. The boots we’ve found check all those boxes, and they happen to be pretty cute too.

Click through the slideshow below, to see what Winter 2020 has to offer in the kids’ boots department:

Best Warm Boots For Kids For Winter 2020

Watch: Cozy winter boots that parents will want to wear all winter.

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