02/02/2018 13:49 EST | Updated 02/28/2018 12:31 EST

50 Ways To Get Even More Nutella In Your Mouth

What did we ever do before Nutella?

Hey fellow Nutella lovers, we’ve got just the thing that’s going to make your week, your month ... maybe even your year. It involves A LOT of Nutella, obviously. We already showed you how to make Nutella from scratch, and now we’ve found 50 recipes that use this chocolate-hazelnut spread as its main ingredient. That’s 50 glorious reasons to eat more Nutella. You are welcome.

We understand that the temptation to skip the work of baking and opting to instead just eat the rich chocolate-hazelnut spread straight from the jar is strong. But if you can manage to resist the urge you’ll be rewarded with all kinds of baked goods that taste like a gift from the heavens. Doughnuts, brownies, cakes and waffles, the Nutella possibilities are endless.

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