Billy Crystal Cracks Jokes For Calgary Senior Coronavirus Hotline

The 72-year-old comedian brought the funny on James Corden's talk show.

A “joy” hotline created by high school students in Calgary got a pretty funny contributor this week.

Talk show host James Corden asked Billy Crystal to tell jokes for the phone hotline that entertains isolated seniors during the coronavirus pandemic ― and the comedian worked the virtual room with clean and delightfully corny gems.

On “The Late Late Show” Tuesday, Corden was interviewing Jamie Anderson, whose high school students have been working on the Joy 4 All Project for lonely, older people in need of a morale boost. Callers who dial 1-877-JOY-4ALL (1-877-569-4255) can hear pre-recorded messages.

The host then introduced the joke-telling ringer Crystal, who was free “because I was just getting ready to not go out.”

The “City Slickers” star and nine-time Oscars host, 72, launched into some choice G-rated shtick.

“Did you hear about the claustrophobic astronaut?” Crystal asked. “All he wanted was a little more space!”

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