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Black Bear Gets Stuck In Vehicle In Port Moody, B.C.

It's a good lesson on keeping car doors locked.

A resident of Port Moody, B.C., got quite the Friday the 13th surprise when they heard their car alarm go off early in the morning.

Upon investigation, they discovered something completely unexpected: a black bear had climbed into their unlocked vehicle and then gotten stuck inside.

A video posted by Port Moody Police on Twitter shows the bear wreaking havoc after locking itself inside, pulling at seatbelts and trying to escape.

“How does a bear get into somebody’s car and lock the door?” A person can be heard asking behind the camera.

HuffPost Canada reached out to Port Moody Police for more information but did not immediately hear back.

It’s unclear what drew the bear to the car, as there was reportedly no food inside, but it’s possible the creature was just curious and was exploring before settling down for its long winter hibernation.

A news release from the force said B.C. conservation officers were called, who helped free the animal.

“These incidents are rare but remind us to keep our car doors locked, as well as garbage containers secured at all times. If you encounter a bear you believe to be aggressive please call 911.”

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