12/04/2017 18:39 EST

Blake Lively Injured On Set Of 'The Rhythm Section'

Filming has been temporarily suspended for the upcoming thriller.

Andrew Toth via Getty Images
Paramount studio says the star injured her hand while filming an action sequence.

Filming for the upcoming thriller “The Rhythm Section” has been temporarily suspended after one its stars, Blake Lively, suffered an injury to her hand on the set. 

Paramount studio confirmed the news to trade publications on Monday, saying the injury occurred during filming of “an action sequence.”

“Production will resume as soon as possible,” the studio said in a statement sent to Deadline and Variety.

“The Rhythm Section” is based on the first novel in Mark Burnell’s “Stephanie Patrick” series. Lively portrays Patrick, a woman looking for revenge after discovering the airplane crash that killed her family was not an accident. The film is scheduled for release in February 2019.

Lively was recently spotted filming the movie in Dublin, wearing a short black wig. The star shared a photo of the look via Instagram on Saturday.

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