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Brampton Alligator Is Actually Just A Beaver, Twitter Loses It

This might as well happen.

Peel Regional Police spent their Friday night investigating a report that there was an alligator in a storm drainage pond in Brampton, Ont.

Though the idea of an animal that is only native to the southern U.S. and China somehow being loose in the Greater Toronto Area is bonkers enough, the story somehow gets both weirder and easier to explain.

According to follow-up tweets by the police, it turns out the animal was actually just a beaver. You know, your standard Canadian animal.

Just for reference, the average North American beaver is around a metre long, including its tail. Your average American alligator on the other hand? About triple that size.

Which opens up the whole situation to even more questions including “How do you confuse a beaver for an alligator?”, “What is happening in Brampton?” and “Is social isolation melting all our brains?”.

Twitter users seemed to be just as confused because they reacted with a mix of joy and confusion.

Someone also linked to the alleged video that sparked the investigation.

And of course, the reported Brampton Alligator now has a Twitter account.

It’s 2020, so all of this just might as well happen at this point, right? At least it spices up social distancing.

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