02/28/2020 13:48 EST

Global Billionaires Ranking Sees Canada Drop To No. 13

China and the U.S. are leading the world, a new 2020 rich list says.

The Great White North isn’t as great as it once was when it comes to the number of billionaires in the country, compared to the rest of the world.

A new report published Wednesday by the Shanghai-based Hurun Research Institute measured billionaires for its annual Hurun Global Rich List. 

In 2020, China and the U.S. has more billionaires than anywhere else on the planet, according to the ranking. 

Meanwhile, Canada has fallen from the No. 9 spot on the list in 2018 to No. 13 in 2020 after seeing no change in the number of billionaires while other countries speed ahead.

Watch the video above for more details about this year’s global rankings.