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Closures In Canada For Coronavirus: What's Officially Closed Across Provinces And Territories

Lockdowns are in effect across the country for schools, offices, bars and more.

Canada has quickly moved to take precautionary measures after the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared COVID-19 a pandemic. There have been more than 560 recorded cases of the virus within the country.

The government has urged Canadians to reassess leaving the country and is warning travellers to return while they still can. As health officials are advising against non-essential travel and asking people to self-isolate, provinces have already shut down schools, businesses and other services to diminish the spread of the virus via social distancing.

Here is a map of which services are open and closed across the provinces, last updated March 27 at 2:00 p.m. ET. A green dot indicates “open,” a yellow dot “open with caveats” and a red dot indicates “closed.”

A full list for each province can be found under the map.

What’s open and closed in:

Newfoundland and Labrador

Public schools 🔴 All classes have been suspended in K-12 schools for the time being.

Daycares 🔴 Closed.

Post-secondary 🟢 Open.

Restaurants 🟡 Only permitted to operate if they can do so at 50 per cent capacity.

Bars 🔴 Closed by the province.

Movie theatres 🔴 Cineplex has closed all theatres until April 2.

Parks 🟢 Open.

Rec centres 🔴Closed.

Libraries 🔴 Most are closed.

Museums and attractions 🔴 Closed.

Government 🟢 Yes.

Nursing homes 🟡 Yes, barring anyone who’s travelled recently.

Prisons 🔴 No.

Prince Edward Island

Public schools 🔴 Closed to in-person learning until at least May 11 (updated March 27, 2020).

Daycares 🔴 Closed until at least May 11 (updated March 27, 2020).

Post-secondary 🔴 Closed.

Restaurants 🟡 In-room dining areas have been banned; pick-up, delivery and drive-through only permitted.

Bars 🔴 Closed.

Movie theatres 🔴 Closed. Cineplex has closed all theatres until April 2 nationwide.

Parks 🔴 Closed.

Rec centres 🔴 Closed.

Libraries 🔴 Closed.

Museums and attractions 🔴 Most are closed.

Government 🟡 Meetings of government officials being conducted by phone; buildings and offices are closed to the public.

Nursing homes 🔴 Restricted access only.

Prisons 🔴 Closed.

Nova Scotia

Public schools 🔴 Closed, early learning centres still open.

Daycares 🔴 Closed starting March 17.

Post-secondary 🔴 Closed.

Restaurants 🟡 Take-out service only.

Bars 🔴 Closed.

Movie theatres 🔴 Open, capacity restrictions. Cineplex has closed all theatres until April 2.

Parks 🔴 Closed, starting March 17.

Rec centres 🔴 Closed, starting March 17.

Libraries 🔴 Closed.

Museums and attractions 🔴 Closed.

Government 🟢 Open.

Nursing homes 🔴 Closed.

Prisons 🔴 Closed.

New Brunswick

Public schools 🔴 Closed for two weeks, starting March 16.

Daycares 🟡 Recommended they close, but a few are open for the families of essential workers.

Post-secondary 🔴 Most are closed.

Restaurants 🟡 Take-out and delivery only.

Bars 🔴 Closed.

Movie theatres 🔴Closed. Cineplex has closed all theatres until April 2.

Retail stores 🟡 Online or delivery only. Exceptions can be found here.

Parks 🔴 Closed.

Rec centres 🔴 Closed.

Libraries 🔴 As of March 14, all program were suspended.

Museums and attractions 🔴 Most major attractions are closed.

Government 🟢 Open.

Nursing homes 🟡 Visitors are restricted.

Prisons 🔴 Closed.


Schools 🔴 Elementary, high schools, CEGEP and universities are closed, re-opening March 27.

Daycares 🔴 Closed (expect for workers in essential services).

Restaurants 🟡 Open, limiting capacity to 50 per cent and take-out abilities.

Bars 🔴 Closed.

Movie theatre 🔴Cineplex has closed all theatres until April 2.

Parks 🟢 Open.

Rec Centres 🔴 Closed.

Libraries 🔴 Closed.

Museums and attractions 🔴 Closed.

Government 🟢 Open.

Nursing homes 🔴 Closed, regular visits prohibited.

Prisons 🔴 Closed, visits cancelled.


Schools 🔴 All public schools are closed until April 5.

Daycares 🔴 All public daycares are also closed until April 5. All daycares were asked to close on March 16.

Post-secondary 🟡 Not all, but many universities and colleges are cancelling in-person classes. 

Restaurants 🔴 Restaurants are closed, but given the option of continuing delivery.

Bars 🔴 Bars were asked to close on March 16.

Movie theatres 🔴Cineplex has closed all theatres until April 2.

Parks 🔴 All provincial parks are closed until April 30. All planned events will be cancelled. Community centres in parks will also be closed. In Toronto, all parks, playgrounds and park amenities will close as of March 25.

Rec centres 🔴 Closed.

Libraries 🔴 As per the state of emergency, all libraries are closed.

Museums and attractions 🔴 Some open, but vast majority — including the National Gallery, Ontario Science Centre, Royal Ontario Museum, CN Tower and Ottawa Convention Centre— are closed.

Gyms 🔴 Most are closed, and large chains like GoodLife Fitness have closed down for the time being.

Retail stores 🟢 Many retail stores are still open, but some are choosing to close.

Casinos 🔴 All casinos are closed.

Government 🟡 The Ontario government is open, but has cancelled all tours. Parliament, however, is suspended and the House of Commons is closed to visitors until April 20.

Nursing and long-term care homes 🟡 Only essential visitors, which the government defines as people visiting a resident who is dying or very ill, or the parent or guardian of a sick child, are allowed in.

Courts 🔴 The Ontario Superior Court will close, and suspend all operations indefinitely, starting Tuesday, March 17.

Prisons 🔴 Visitors are not permitted. Intermittent inmates who are considered low-risk will be allowed to return home.


Schools 🔴 Public schools providing kindergarten to Grade 12 education are closed from March 23 until April 10.

Daycares 🔴 Closing on Friday, March 20 until April 10.

Post-secondary 🟡 Some colleges and universities are currently open, but many classes are being made available online.

Restaurants 🟡 Limited to 50 people or 50 per cent of capacity, whichever is less; offer only take-out/delivery.

Bars 🟡Limited to 50 people or 50 per cent of capacity, whichever is less.

Movie theatres 🟡People must be able to maintain a distance of two metres. Cineplex has closed all theatres until April 2.

Parks 🟢 Parks remain open.

Rec centres 🔴 Rec centres are closed.

Libraries 🟡 Some libraries remain open, but all Winnipeg library branches will be closed.

Museums and attractions 🔴 The vast majority, including the Manitoba Museum, Winnipeg Art Gallery and Canadian Museum for Human Rights are closed indefinitely.

Gyms 🔴 Closed.

Casinos 🟡 Casinos remain open, but table games have closed at Club Regent Casino and McPhillips Station Casino.

Government 🔴 The Manitoba Legislative Building will be closed, and tours are cancelled. The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs has also cancelled all upcoming events.

Nursing and long-term care homes 🟡 The government is recommending no visitors except for compassionate or end-of-life reasons.

Prisons 🟢 Prison visit rules have not changed.


Public schools 🔴 Schools are closed.

Daycares 🟢 Daycares are open, but the government notes parents should prepare for future restrictions.

Post-secondary 🟡 It depends on the school. University of Saskatchewan and University of Regina will close most of their on-campus clubs and services and make classes available online. Classes at Saskatchewan Polytechnic are still on as scheduled.

Restaurants 🟡 Must operate at 50 per cent capacity or a maximum of 50 people, whichever is lesser.

Bars 🟡Must operate at 50 per cent capacity.

Movie theatres 🟡 Most remain open, although the Kramer IMAX Theatre is closed. Cineplex has closed all theatres until April 2.

Parks 🟡 Parks are open, but many planned events have been cancelled.

Rec centres 🔴 Closed.

Libraries 🟡 The Saskatoon Library is closed, but many libraries elsewhere, including Regina, remain open. Shows at the SaskTel Centre in Saskatoon have been postponed.

Museums and attractions 🟡 It depends. The Saskatchewan Science Centre is closed, but the Royal Saskatchewan Museum remains open. 

Gyms 🔴 Closed.

Government 🟢

Nursing and long-term care homes  🟡 Still open, although visitors are asked not to go if they’re sick.

Prisons 🔴 Closed.


Public schools 🔴 Closed.

Daycares 🔴 Closed.

Post-secondary 🔴 Closed.

Restaurants 🟡 Operating at 50 per cent capacity and takeout/delivery model.

Bars 🔴 Closed.

Movie theatres 🔴Cineplex has closed all theatres until April 2.

Parks 🔴 Most are closed.

Rec centres 🔴 Closed.

Libraries 🔴 Closed.

Museums and attractions 🔴 Closed.

Government 🟢 Open.

Nursing homes 🟡 Open but restricted to essential visitors.

Prisons 🔴 Closed.

British Columbia

Public schools 🔴Closed indefinitely, some schools open for children of essential workers.

Daycares 🟢 Open.

Post-secondary 🟡 Generally closed, many offering online classes.

Restaurants 🟡 Operating at 50 per cent capacity, or a take-out/delivery model. As of March 20, Vancouver has banned in-restaurant dining.

Bars 🔴Closed.

Movie theatres 🟡 Open, limiting capacity. Cineplex has closed all theatres until April 2.

Parks 🟢 Open.

Rec centres 🔴 Closed.

Libraries 🔴 Closed.

Museums and attractions 🔴 Most are closed.

Government 🟢 Open.

Nursing homes 🟡 Visitors are restricted, depending on the facility.

Prisons 🔴 Closed.


Public schools 🔴Closed until Apr. 15

Daycares 🟢Open

Post-secondary 🔴Closed until Apr. 15

Restaurants 🟢Open

Bars 🟢Open

Movie theatres 🟡 Open. Cineplex has closed all theatres until April 2.

Parks 🟢 Open.

Rec centres 🔴 Closed

Libraries 🔴 Closed.

Museums and attractions 🔴 Closed

Government 🟢 Open

Nursing homes 🟢 Open, individuals exhibiting symptoms are asked to wear masks

Prisons 🔴 Closed.

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