Kids Say The Darndest Things: Canada's 2019 Election Edition

Sorry, but no "boat" was involved in the voting process.

The excitement around election day is palpable. There’s something electric and unifying about standing in line with your neighbours to vote, crossing that “x” on your ballot, and then eagerly awaiting the results (usually in front of the TV, while munching on your favourite election snacks).

No wonder kids get swept up in the momentum, too! They may be too young to vote, but children have opinions and reactions to our electoral process that are sometimes insightful ... and sometimes hilarious.

We rounded up some of the cutest and funniest kiddo and parent reactions to Canada’s 2019 election.


Here’s one kid who was pretty disappointed to realize zero boats were involved in the voting process. (Disclaimer: this is my own kid. But come on, he’s adorable!)

Then there’s this kid whose interests remain extremely local.

And this kid who made sure Dad did it right.

Then there’s adorable daycare election. Bear FTW!

And this wee one who was upset to discover she doesn’t get to vote.

This kid already has her career path all worked out.

This kid (who, disclaimer, belongs to HuffPost Canada’s editor-in-chief) is verrry interested in how his mom cast her vote.

This kid had some solid strategy ideas.

And this kid was only interested in one “team.”

Speaking of teams, these kids got very into the sport of things.

Here’s a toddler who at least has his ABCs down pat.

And here’s a teenager who couldn’t contain himself.

Finally, these parents doing whatever it takes to get their civic duty on made us LOL.

Whatever election outcome you were hoping for, these adorable kids won.

Did your kids say something cute about the 2019 election? Let us know in the comments!

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