04/29/2019 14:26 EDT | Updated 04/30/2019 02:41 EDT

Cara Delevingne And Ashley Benson Take Down 'Disgusting' Homophobic Troll

"Maybe get a hobby that doesn’t involve being homophobic and hating others for being happy," the supermodel wrote.

People in a certain, very disturbed part of the internet still can’t wrap their heads around the idea that model Cara Delevingne and actress Ashley Benson are reportedly dating.

The two women, who first sparked dating rumors back in 2018, prefer to keep their relationship out of the headlines and have never confirmed their romantic status. However, they’ve been spotted sharing kisses in public and have since posted snaps of each other on social media.

Claudio Lavenia via Getty Images
Ashley Benson and Cara Delevigne spotted out together in 2018 after a Paris fashion show. 

Of course, homophobic trolls have raged against them, with one person recently writing on an Instagram fan account that Benson should “stay away from that devil” and date a “strong handsome religious man” instead. 

“You aren’t gay you love men and you need one,” the commenter added.

Naturally, the attack didn’t go over well with the Benson and Delevingne, who delivered a one-two-punch in the comments, captured by Twitter account Pop Crave

“You need to mind your own business. Stop making things up,” Benson hit back. 

Delevingne clapped all the way back, calling the commenter “fucking disgusting” for the homophobic attack. 

“If you have a problem with true love then come and say this shit to my face instead of pathetically hating through Instagram,” she wrote. “I genuinely feel sorry for you both, you are clearly not happy with your lives and have far too much time on your hands. Maybe get a hobby that doesn’t involve being homophobic and hating others for being happy.” 

Delevingne, who identifies as sexually fluid, is candid about her personal life, recently discussing her preferences in the bedroom

“As a person, generally, I’m really good at giving love and not receiving it, and I’m kind of the same in bed as well,” she said on a recent podcast. “There’s a part of it where I find it quite difficult to receive pleasure or love, things like that, and so I just kind of like to give.”

Benson, however, has expressed how much she values privacy and has played coy when asked about the romance. 

“I think it’s the best way in any relationship,” she told People in 2018. “I’ve always been very private about them, and I think it’s just better.”

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