02/02/2018 05:37 EST

Christian Blogger: Yoga Was Designed To Cause A ‘Demonic Trance’

"You are playing, quite literally, with fire."

SIphotography via Getty Images
A yoga practitioner is possessed by a demon and carried off to meet Satan (simulation). 

A Christian blogger is warning those who follow his faith that practicing yoga is like playing with a Ouija board. 

“You may perform the moves without consciously seeking the demonic trance they were designed to help you attain, but it would seem you are playing, quite literally, with fire,” Matt Walsh wrote for the Daily Wire. 

He repeatedly called yoga a pagan practice. 

“I don’t think all yoga practitioners go to Hell,” he wrote. “But neither do I see how a pagan ritual could ever help someone get to Heaven, and maybe that’s reason enough to leave it alone.”

In addition to his blog post, Walsh also railed against yoga on Twitter:  

Here are some of the responses: 

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