At-Home Haircuts During Coronavirus Show How Far People Are Willing To Go

The pandemic has inspired some people to take matters into their own hands.

Working from home, entertaining kids without school or daycare and long lineups at grocery stores remain the exhaustive norm as society grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic.

And if there’s one thing people are clearly fed up with, it’s their outgrown hair. At least that’s what hashtags like #Coronaviruscuts, #quarantinehaircuts and #diyhaircuts would suggest.

Barbershops and salons remain closed as cities extend their states of emergencies, which has left some to take matters into their own hands (and sheers). The results... vary, but without a clear timeline on storefronts reopening, more D.I.Y. solutions may become the norm.

So for some tips on how to cut your hair from home, check out the video above.