04/02/2020 14:43 EDT | Updated 04/16/2020 14:56 EDT

Canadian Restaurants Hit By COVID-19 Downturn Morph Into Grocery Stores

Some eateries are turning into makeshift supermarkets as the novel coronavirus eats away at their bottom lines.

Toilet paper with your takeout or sacks of flour with your dozen delivered cookies might become the new normal as Canadians continue the weather the COVID-19 pandemic.

Restaurants adjusting to the economic downturn of no dine-in service have shifted to delivery and pick-up orders, and some are taking a page from another industry: Grocery stores.

Vancouver-based chain Earls Kitchen and Bar has rolled out groceries as part of a new means to stay afloat during the economic hardship. Options include packages of meats, produce and pantry staples or a-la carte items customers can tack on to orders.

It marks a shift from when supermarkets like Loblaws or Whole Foods started the “grocerant” trend by adding dine-in and sit-down meals as a way to keep customers shopping for longer. 

For more on to other brands making the jump, check out the video above