Sex In The Coronavirus Age: Ask Our Editors Your Relationship Questions

Join our live Q&A with our editors on how love and intimacy are evolving due to COVID-19.

Let’s talk about sex— specifically how it’s changed during the last two months amid the global COIVD-19 health crisis.

HuffPost Executive Editor Hillary Frey and Personal Editorial Director Noah Michelson are hosting a follow-up live Q&A thanks to the overwhelming response from the first session on love and intimacy.

This time around, the two will cut right to the chase and spend the full session answering your questions. Noah and Hillary aren’t medical experts but they’ll aim to tackle questions like:

  • What do you say when someone is pressuring you to meet up during stay-at-home orders?

  • How do you maintain an existing relationship when you’ve been suddenly separated by the pandemic?

  • How do you nurture family ties overall, and specifically, with small grandchildren?

Got a question you’d liked answered or just want to join in and watch? Sign up here for the event ahead of the 1 p.m. ET start time on Wednesday, May 13.