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12-Year-Old Jonah Larson's Crochet Skills Mesmerize Viewers And Help Others

He's been hooked on crocheting since he was five.

Idle hands around the world have turned to crafts as a pandemic hobby, giving many experts a reason to make tutorials for novices. Among those sharing their brilliant creations is 12-year-old crochet genius Jonah Larson, a Wisconsin-based wonderkind whose unparalleled yarn skills and cozy demeanour have catapulted him into social media stardom.

Watch the video above to see some of Jonah’s handiwork.

From his wholesome “Hello, crochet friends” greeting to his extraordinarily nimble talent with hooks, Jonah’s Youtube tutorials and online business have garnered him plenty of fans. His Instagram account showcases his projects in their full, fuzzy glory; during the pandemic, the young crafter has kept busy making baby blankets, afghans, Baby Yoda toys, and more.

What’s most impressive about Jonah is his advocacy work. The 12-year-old often uses his platform to speak about causes that matter to him: one of his latest pieces was a Black Lives Matter blanket for his sister.

“I made this blanket for my little sister,” he captioned a photo of the piece. “That way she’ll be wrapped in this message every night.”

As People reports, many of the funds raised by Jonah have gone to an important cause close to his heart. Thanks to his crocheting, he’s raised enough money to open a library and science lab for the Ethiopian orphanage he was adopted from.

For those looking to pay it forward like Jonah, he’s released a book of crochet patterns aimed towards helping others. The projects in Giving Back Crochet include hats for chemotherapy patients and soap sacks for veterans. As Jonah would say, crochet away, friends!

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