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Canadian Mom Has Best Response To Kids Crashing TV Interview With A Worm

"I don't want to hold the worm right now."

Kids will be kids, and that includes when you’re trying to do a live TV interview on pandemic parenting challenges.

A Toronto mom of three is getting all the kudos for her rockstar reaction to the wholesome chaos that happened in her home during a CTV segment on Wednesday.

Pegged to a story on local school board staff testing positive for COVID-19, the segment had anchor Todd Vanderheyden quizzing Genevieve Gee on the stresses of child-rearing while working.

“Yeah. There’s a lot, even one of my kids just walked in and is yelling for me,” she lamented, before turning around to discover that, seemingly on cue, one of her kids had entered the room to pepper her with requests. He was soon followed by his younger brother.

And just what was so pressing that the two rascals needed to interrupt their mother’s live national interview?

For the oldest: “Can I have the last cupcake?”

“Sure, go” Gee said, in the same tone all parents use when they’re saying yes for the sake of hurrying along.

The younger’s request, however, was a no-go.

“Do you want to hold the worm?” he asked, reaching out to show his mom the wriggly friend in his cupped right hand.

″I don’t want to hold the worm right now, no thank you,” was Gee’s immediate reply. Satisfied, her son followed his older sibling out of the room.

With all the grace of a veteran used to pandemonium, Gee returned to the task at hand.

“To answer your question,” she said to her interviewer, while laughing, “Yes! Everything is very overwhelming right now.”

And did she hold the worm later?

Of course she did.

A true pandemic rockstar.

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