07/13/2019 20:00 EDT | Updated 07/13/2019 20:00 EDT

Cute and Useful Amazon Prime Products For You and Your Baby

Prime Day starts July 15—do you have everything you need?

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If you’re a busy expectant parent, there are three words that will likely put a little pep in your exhausted step: same day delivery. Rather than loading the car and trying to find parking at the mall, let Amazon be your one-stop shop for all your baby needs. The much-hyped Prime Day event kicks off Monday, July 15 so you can shop everything baby-related while lying in bed in your comfiest pyjamas. Once you’re a Prime member everything you order — if placed before 12pm — will arrive by the time ‘The Voice’ comes on TV. 

Back seat baby mirror


Drive confidently knowing your baby is safely secured in the back. Just glance in the rearview mirror for a glimpse of your baby. 

Get it here for $13.47.

Bendable banana training toothbrush


Develop good oral hygiene early and prevent cavities later. Suitable for babies 3-12 months. 

Get it here for $9.99.

Sun protective swimsuit


Lightweight, comfortable and blocks 98% of harmful UV rays making it the perfect outfit for the beach. It’s 100% polyester which will last longer than nylon or spandex.

Get it here for $39.99.

Multi-function diaper bag


This waterproof backpack comes with several insulated pockets so you can store milk bottles separately without getting cold. There’s also a side tissue pocket for quick access to wipes when spills happen—because they inevitably will.

Get it here for $29.99. 

‘Mortimer the Moose’ toy


This adorable moose will keep the baby amused for hours with his many colours, textures, and sounds. His large antlers are perfect for teething and his hooves squeak and rattle when grabbed. 

Get it here for $17.99.

Rubber duck


Can’t go wrong with a classic.

Get it here for $4.99.

Wall hanging growth chart 


Track your child’s growth with an adorable wall chart that doubles as a neat photo prop. 

Get it here for $10.

Handprint and footprint frame kit


This kit has everything you need to create a cherished keepsake: wood frame, print paper, non tonic ink and acid-free beveled mat. 

Get it here for $27.95. 

Digital baby monitor


A 2.8-inch high-resolution colour screen with adjustable camera angles and two-way intercom will make it easier to check-in on your bundle of joy.

Get it here for $141.14.

A box of 84 diapers


Two times softer with up to 12-hour protection—perfect for newborns. Let’s be real, you’ll need a lot more than 84. You have the option of making this a monthly subscription. Prime members can save 20% on diaper subscriptions. 

Get it here for $24.97.