Cyber Monday Deals On All Things Cashmere

Savings on everything from cashmere dresses to jogging pants.

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For those days when life beyond the duvet looks daunting, (why thank you, Canada), there’s only one solution: Queue up the cashmere. It’s plush, luxe and completely intoxicating. We say your hats, sweats, and even socks, are all deserving of this royal treatment — because, quite frankly, when it comes to cashmere, you can never have enough. Cyber Monday’s here, so take advantage and stock up.

Here’s a look at some cashmere wonders that’ll keep you cozy from top-to-bottom.

Cashmere scarf from Uniqlo

Who doesn’t want an uber lush cashmere layer wrapped around their neck? Exactly. This Uniqlo scarf is unisex, timeless — and perhaps most importantly, a total steal.

Cashmere sweater from Anthropologie

Trade in (and trade up) your go-to sweatshirt for an undercover cashmere option. Casual has never felt richer. Everything is currently 30% off at Anthropologie. Discount is applied at checkout.

Cashmere turtleneck dress from Everlane

We say, the bigger the cashmere, the better. Pair this oversized turtleneck dress from Everlane with over-the-knee boots to get you through the season in style.

Cashmere lined leather gloves from Nordstrom

This sleek leather pair is lined with cashmere, and has smart-touch capabilities — so you’ll never have to (nor want to) take them off.

Cashmere joggers from Banana Republic

If you’re anything like us, sweats are a key player in your winter wardrobe repertoire. So when temps dip below zero, a cashmere pair is a total game changer. Everything is currently 50% off at Banana Republic. Discount is applied at checkout.

Cashmere socks from Nordstrom

Your toes are often the first to feel the winter blues — it happens right before they go numb. Show them you care and splurge on a cashmere pair of socks.

Cashmere beanie from Aritzia

Every Canadian knows a strong toque game from November to March is key. We suggest benching your staticky wool option for a soft cashmere cutie instead, like this one from Aritzia.