'Dead Parents Society' Helps These Comics Process Grief Through Comedy

"Don't shy away from grief," one of the comedians behind the "Dead Parents Society" said.

After her mother died, Shohana Sharmin quickly discovered that she couldn’t just cry at work all day — people didn’t want to see her grieve all the time.

“We treat the whole [grief] process in very hushed tones,” Sharmin told HuffPost Canada. ”‘Save this for therapy, save this for your room.’”

So she took another, less common approach to handling her grief: she turned it into comedy.

Sharmin joined forces with a group of other comedians who had also lost a parent. The fact that they were all still processing their grief gave them a lot of material to work through.

So, they created the “Dead Parents Society,” a comedy revue about love, loss, and why the aftermath of a tragedy is sometimes funny.

Watch the video above to see how it’s possible to translate bereavement into comedy.