06/11/2018 16:42 EDT | Updated 06/12/2018 10:02 EDT

17 Discreet Sex Toys For Travel

Avoid an awkward conversation with a TSA agent.

Patrik Giardino via Getty Images

Just like sex, there are a lot of different kinds of sex toys out there. Though there are some sex toys that every couple should try at least once, at the end of the day you want toys you can rely on, and that includes something that won’t get confiscated by TSA. 

If you’re in a rush to catch a flight, the only thing worse than having your bag flagged by security is having your bag flagged by security because of the batteries in your vibrator. While in this kind of situation it’s best to just fess up to what’s in your bag, avoid an awkward encounter with a TSA agent in the future by planning ahead. 

Most importantly, turn off and safely store any travel toys and accessories. If necessary, take out any unapproved batteries in accessories going into checked and carry-on bags. And remember to check before you depart that sex toys aren’t banned in the country of your final destination. 

Below, 17 inconspicuous sex toys that’ll make it through TSA:

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