04/01/2020 18:04 EDT | Updated 04/02/2020 10:09 EDT

Doug Ford Praises ‘Champion’ ASL Interpreter On His Last Day

This is your feel-good moment of the day.

If news about the pandemic has you feeling down, here’s something to perk up your spirits. 

Ontario Premier Doug Ford took a moment after answering questions from the media Wednesday to praise American Sign Language interpreter Christopher Desloges.

The premier has been holding near-daily press conferences alongside ministers at Queen’s Park, with Desloges standing behind him interpreting, often animated and expressive while signing. 

“This gentleman shows up, never complains, never says a word. I told him today, how many comments and emails and phone calls I get about [him],” Ford said. 

“My friend, you’re a champion and you’re a rock star, helping people in the deaf community, and it’s so important, the role you’re playing,” he told Desloges.

The moment caught the attention of viewers on social media, who praised both Desloges’ work, and Ford’s shoutout to him.

Doug Ford thanks ASL interpreter Christopher Desloges for his work at a daily briefing at Queen's Park on April 1, 2020.

Desloges’ background includes working as an interpreter at George Brown College, according to the Toronto Sign Language Interpreter Service website.  

Wednesday marked his last day of being on camera for the briefings, Desloges said after Ford spoke. 

“I will still be part of the team and supporting the interpreters that are here, but what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to ensure all deaf Ontarians have access, and we’re moving to include deaf interpreters,” Desloges said.

He said having an interpreter who is deaf will help ensure everyone in the deaf community can follow the “important messaging” to keep themselves informed and safe during the pandemic.

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